Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reading in Math

One thing (relatively) recently that has been the inclusion of Reading in Math. I love the idea since reading is such an important part of learning in general, why not add a few more books in Math as well! On an impromptu trip to the Library last week we found a book entirely on accident that we fell in love with!

How High can a Dinosaur Count? By Valorie Fisher   

This book is an absolute treasure to have! It is geared towards grades 1-4 and is filled with fun and silly Math-word problems. The book covers topics such as Time, Addition Subtraction, Multiplication, Money and Odd and Even numbers.

The illustrations are fun and original, the problems include silly named characters and things like Pickle Ice Cream! The back of the book has even more problems for each pages as well as an answer key!

Another great series of books we've found is by Mathstart! The books cover just about every Math subject you could imagine! Our recent favorite is:

More or Less By Stuart J. Murphy
A great number story about a boy trying to guess the ages of contestants using his knowledge of numbers!

So if you are looking for a way to spice up your Math with a little fun a reading along the way, check these out at your local library! You won't be sorry!

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