Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Love} Link up!

Valentine's Day is right around the.....WAIT! It's TOMORROW!

Did it sneak up on you!? That's okay. I've been collecting some great ideas for you to work on TODAY! These take little or no planning, some might take a quick trip to the store. Heart we go!

Free Printables offered by Rubber Punkin

Easy Valentine's Snack we'll be trying out!

A last minute gift for a Sunday School Teacher or Co-Op friend!

A fun Sticky Hands craft with supplies you already have at home!

Getting the littles involved with this one! Or put the parts in a bag covered in hearts for your Valentine to do!

Try a Sugar~Free way to enjoy the day!

Put the ART in heart by recycling those broken crayons!

A FREE Lollipop printout as well as a FREE tutorial for Picnik!

Hopefully you'll find something here to make Valentine's Day a little more fun with  the kids!

Oh....and since this is Homeschooling Blog, I'll add a few educational links so you don't feel so guilty for enjoying the day of hearts and love!

Starfall has a cute Valentine

A variety of Crosswords and word plays for older kids

A little History of Valentine's Day

Wait until the day after Valentine's Day, pick up a few heart shaped boxes and some Clearance cards for next year! go eat some Chocolate!

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