Friday, February 11, 2011

Gong Hei Fatt Choy! {Links!}

Happy New Year!
(in Cantonese)

This week's unit from Story of the World (Volume 1) was Ancient China. And how cool is it that our learning about China corresponded with the Chinese New Year? Yup, that's how God has worked in our Homeschooling throughout the year. A friend of ours (not knowing what we were studying) invited us to see her son be a part of a Dragon Parade at the Elementary school so we trucked on over an let the kids see what that was all about! HOW COOL! (I think I was more excited about the coincidence than the kids!) Here are some other fun things you can do to teach about Ancient China and Chinese New Year!

Some fun facts about Chinese New Year

And some free Power point slide shows from Mr. Donn (this site is amazing and has GREAT links for games, activities and projects!)

Online Tangrams! From PBS also this great site for more Tangram activities

We get a lot less cookies baked this way.....
Oh so yummy Almond Cookies

Choose from a variety of easy, cheap Crafts

We even Ordered Chinese Food and practiced using Chopsticks!

 Played with Felt food (easy sew-free tutorial!)

We had a fun-ducational day! It's important to remember when doing mini Unit studies (like these) you have to be picky about what you are learning and what activities you'll do. The first few times I tried to cram in way too many things and not enough time to just explore and enjoy the learning! You can always expand the unit to last more than a week! 

I also like to include other things for the kids to work on throughout the week that the kids can work on independently. So when I need to sneak a way to put Liora to sleep or take care of something, they know what they can work on without stopping school!

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