Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Homeschool} Art Series

In homeschooling we talk Math, and Language Arts, Science and History, socializing, discipline, Co-ops, groups, curriculum choices, philosophies.....but do we ever talk Art? Not crafts, making paper back puppets and glitter pens. But Art, as in Monet and Impressionism, line-shape-texture, sculpting, painting.......I am finding it's actually a tough subject to find in terms of Homeschooling. One that is disappointingly lacking in our {Homeschool} community! We know that the Arts in general have gotten a backseat in terms of funding and attention. The focus is on Math and Reading scores (subjects that are important)! I think (no, I know) that as a homeschooling parent, we can offer our children experiences far better than they would have otherwise. With a little effort and patience. So.....lets talk art.

Let me introduce this series by saying, I was an Art Major, more specifically and Art ED Major. So for years Art was my breath, my life, my love. I'll admit, I have never thought of myself as very talented, but I loved creating, doing, making, learning. Over the years of adding children and starting homeschooling, I've found myself less and less creating art, and even more so letting my kids create less than I would like.

Why? That's easy!

Art is messy. It is, there is just NO WAY around it right? Paint on clothing, play dough ground into the carpet, little tenny weeny bits of paper everywhere.....glued to the floor......

Art takes time. It takes work to get out the supplies and then clean them all up again. Sometimes it feels like it took 30 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes of art and 30 more minutes to do damage control!

Art takes talent. Even as an Art Teacher, I've had those thoughts....."how am I supposed to teach them when I can't draw myself??"  I understand it takes a little back ground knowledge to teach something, and in the area of Art it can be extremely intimidating.

To start off this series, let's discuss a little (and please feel free to link back to me in your own blogs, Facebook, twitter...)

What does art look like in your Homeschool? 

Are you using an "Art curriculum" or adding crafts to other subjects like History and Language Arts?

Where do you struggle when it comes to Art?

What would you like to see in this series? 

I've got some ideas planned for this series including:

Art Areas (setting up and maintaining an art studio for your kids)
Art Links to Artists and History
Everyday Art Ideas
Foundations of Art
Great tools and tips to have on hand

and much more! So link up, comment, discuss! I'm very excited about getting back into the stroke of things! Help spread the word to get this going!


  1. I agree that art needs to be more of a focus in homeschooling circles. I see parents that will drop several hundreds of dollars for a history program, but pale at spending more than thirty dollars for an art curriculum. I am using Atelier Art this year. I also add art into your history studies.

  2. Art is big in our homeschool. My kids are still young so we do A LOT of art. I wasn't a fan of it in school so I make sure I make it fun for them to enjoy =)