Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Learning Lab {Our school space}

I know it's semantics but a while ago I thought about changing the "name" of our school room into the "Learning Lab". It just sounded so much more inviting and less sterile. More free and exploratory! So here is our Learning Lab. I love that it is always a work in progress, dynamic in more ways than one! And it's also the space the kids go to everyday we don't have official "school" It's their creative space, a fun place! At first when we moved in I was hesitant to make the room a space for homeschooling. I thought about tucking our things into a spare room. But we cramming 3 desks and all the works into a little 10x10 room isn't ideal, and a bit claustrophobic. I struggled with the idea mainly because this room is the room you walk into as soon as you step into the house! It was designed as a sitting room of sorts. It was actually Dave that talked me into using the space and I'm so happy he did. After all, it's what our life is for in this season!

Our original "Learning Space" was just a corner in our dining room! 

The space at a glance.

Workpockets and work baskets.

We love the workbox system for organizing all the different activities and subjects for each child, but this work pocket idea that came to me while looking through a Lakeshore Learning catalog works fabulously! (although I ordered it off Amazon for cheaper!) Bigger activities or hands on manipulatives can be added to the work baskets.

All sorts of things fit in the pockets!

 This area also hides a computer lab for the kiddos to watch videos, play online educational games, connect to Brain Pop, etc. (This is an older photo of the area, it's changed since I've added the workpockets)

We have a circle time area. We start the day here with our Circle Time, Bible, History and Geography...it's needs some color on the walls...but that is for another time!

We were incredibly blessed by a friend who scored these desks as they were being thrown away.....God is amazing isn't He? She also gave us the Art easels in the Art Escape!

So that is about it. The only challenge to this room is that you can't close the doors on the mess! I suppose it's motivation to keep the room neat, although it's a wreck more times than it's neat!

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  2. Love the great use of space and spunk! It is always a joy to meet another homeschool momma.

    Delighted to meet you tonight. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into all of God's goodness.