Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keeping Sane while Homeschooling

Alright I said it. Indirectly, yes homeschooling, if you are not careful....can drive you insane. Being a homemaker in itself has the potential for some serious craziness, but throw in the responsibilities of being a teacher~no wait make that 6 teachers~ the principal, the vice principal, curriculum support, custodian, Librarian, Health room Nurse and the PTA Committee Chairperson! I mean just the parent-teacher conferences are enough to send you packing.

Now combine those responsibilities with Household management and either you've got an engineering genius or a madhouse. And though sometimes the footprints on the wall all lead to complete chaos, for the most part these last few years have been an experiment on how to stay sane and homeschool and to do it all well. (mind you I did not say perfectly!)

The truth is you can do it all well. I am going to share with you the changes and things I've done over the years to make our homeschooling and life run relatively smoothly. This isn't a series on how to pick the best curriculum, or your state homeschooling laws, this is the nitty gritty on how to actually accomplish your school goals and manage your home, and do it well. After all no one likes being behind, but there are ways to "keep up" with it all even when you have 4 kids 6 years an under like I do! Here are some of the topics that will be covered in this series:
  • Scheduling your Days
  • House keeping
  • Laundry
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Homeschooling with toddlers and babies
  • Homeschool planning
  • Chores for littles
  • Organizing for homeschooling
  • Organizing for Life
As we go through this series, please feel free to ask questions or add your own personal tips and tricks to the mix! These are things I've found that have worked well for our family. Not that I have everything figured out, or that my house is a museum. But when you implement certain routines and tips, you can keep up with your home at a level that you can be proud of. Of course it takes diligence and hard work, but it is not an impossibility, nor does it have to be stressful! I hope you find this series helpful!

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