Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Momentum

If you are like me Mondays can be a little rough after a long weekend especially. So here is a Blog Hop dedicated to getting us motivated for the week ahead! Maybe posting our goals will get us going in the right direction! Setting small goals and being encouraged to fulfill those sometimes is the push we need to keep that momentum going! Answer these questions and link up! I'm working on a button to include on your site, it's coming soon! (maybe I should add that to the list of what I want to get done this week!

What are your looking forward to in your homeschool this week?
We are adding Bella to your Homeschool routine! I've added new workbox pockets, and done a little scheduling to get everyone on the same page! I'm looking forward to trying out the new organizing system I've worked out. I'm planning 4 weeks out with a file system. Crossing fingers and hoping it makes the planning a little easier!

What are you needing prayer for as we start out this week?
Getting back into the routine after Spring Break, adjusting to life with 12 people living in the house!

Is there something you aren't looking forward to (dreading??)
Dave went back to work this week, it's so nice to have him around and spend those extra minutes with him! 12 hour days are hard!

Fun trips or activities you have planned for the week?
Jonah has his very first soccer practice this week! Bella and Ellie are attending their very first MBTA class together, and Awana! Though we have played soccer for the past two years, we never had an actual team practice! A lot of firsts this week! 

Special quote or Bible verse that will keep you focused this week.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

Any special Household tasks or goals you want to meet his week?
I desperately need to catch up on Laundry and get the menu planning back in order. It's the little things running well that make the rest of the housekeeping do-able!

HELP! I need a link or an idea, do you have one to share about ________?
This week I am still planning activities about the body. Bones, muscles, cells, the heart and lungs are all on the planning list for our units! Any suggestions???

Grab the Code and get linking! I'll open the link every Saturday, don't forget to visit other sites and encourage each other! 

Monday Momentum


  1. I love this idea!!! New follower from Homeschool Lounge. I posted our for the week (a bit late). Makes me more accountable.


  2. Do you have a button for this hop yet? I didn't see it. I will try to link up next Monday looks like a great idea:)

  3. Your blog is a great mix of looking professional and just plain cute! It seems we have a lot in common. How many kids do you have? We have three biological, and five foster, which adds up to...eleventy-seven, I think. :)

    Came by through The Homeschool Lounge,
    Melyssa from

  4. I have a link for you, but you may want to check it out first. I'm not sure how old your kids are. This was a great site for my 9 yr old.

  5. Sorry forgot to leave you the link. (It's been a long week. lol)