Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly wrap up!

Phew what a week! Where do I even begin?

Honestly this week was nothing to brag about. I've had weeks where the units flowed and we threw Chinese parties and fun experiments. But this week was survival week. Just trying to plug along and get through the necessities just about had me beat.

It was exciting to get over the middle hump of our school year. Getting a late start means the middle and ending are a little off, but how wonderful that we see the end in sight now. We are starting some exciting things here in the math concepts for both Jonah and Ellie (I can't believe she is adding now!!!!) and Ellie starting to actually read's always very exciting to hear them start to read on their own.

Today was the best day of the week. I know, it's Friday right?? Well tomorrow we'll be doing a little impromptu learning because of taking Wed off to help a friends with her 3 kids. (yes that was an eye opener!)
Today though we found a new park in the area, met a Mom who I knew was looking at my kids with wonder since the 2 she had with her were 2 years old. She was eying up the height of Jonah and thinking to herself that kids has got to be of school age! Turns our she has been thinking about homeschooling, so I shared my information about the school the kids are enrolled in and the church. Maybe I'll see her again! (oh wait I ran into her again at the Library!)

We had lunch at McD's and then headed to the Library. That went surprisingly well with 4 kids in tow. We read some History, colored and ran wild through the wait. Wrong memory. We did go up and down the isles looking for new and exciting books.....

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So, to end this ordinary week.....I look forward to the next week.....with bright eyes and high hopes!


  1. I can relate, I am looking forward to next week with hope as well. It is nice to have some excitements to look back to though. have a great week-end!

  2. I hope that next week brings more delight in your homeschool!

  3. I am stopping by from Mary's blog. I am impressed you plan 6 weeks out! I have gone through several revisions to how I plan and finally came up with something that works for us.

    I love the picture of the giant abacus!

    ~Jessica @ Teachable Moments

  4. Well, if it makes you feel any better, our week was even less-than-ordinary. It was just plain rough in the schooling dept.:) But we're going to hit again next week and get over that hump!