Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring {Break} Fever

Are you looking forward to Spring Break as much as I am? Starting this weekend we are taking 11 glorious days off to refresh, catch up, slow down, revamp, rearrange and enjoy! Here are a few of my goals. I doubt I'll get them all accomplished but there is no harm in aiming high!

  • Getting Bella integrated into our school
  • Revamping Circle time
  • rearranging the school area
  • adding a bulletin board
  • adding our Alpha tree
  • creating Character printables, copywork, circle time bible verses, etc.
  • getting to know TJ so I can take on caring for 6 babies (yes that is also a prayer request)
  • planning for the next month of school 
I've started on a few of these goals, and it feels good! I've needed this break for a while. Life around here has been exhausting since we added Liora last Mother's Day and started a move to a new house and a new life. This spring break is exactly what I've needed. A little time to rethink, reorganize and RELAX! Knowing I can wake up each morning and NOT have to go full steam ahead has been such a blessing!

I'm also getting some posts ready for the next few weeks! I'm excited to start sharing some reviews on great products and curriculum. To host a giveaway for something I LOVE, start a blog hop, and make a special announcement for an upcoming Cyber event! I'm excited about spring!

I hope you are all enjoying a break, or planning one soon! We all need a little one now and then!

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