Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unschooling {un}defined

Still here reading, pondering, searching......

and I came across this link to many many great articles on unschooling. SO here you go. Just bookmark it so you can come back to it.  There is so much goodness you won't get to it all in one sitting!

I'm taking the kids to their class today on Dr. Suess Science....should be fun! It's only an hour long today so I don't even know what I'll have time to do with the other 2 kiddos! Ususally we stroll around Ala Moana and get a snack or have storytime in Boarders.....we'll have to find an adventure somewhere tomorrow!

My favorite definition of {unschooling} up until this point is this

A peace, a harmony and a love of learning that does not get squelched over time.

 That is what I want for my kids. I want a life and a love of learning. Not just schooling and rote memorization of facts with no connection to them or their lives. I want learning to be their lives.....and I want to be a part of that.

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  1. Great post Tia! Nice to "meet" you through NOBH! Thanks for linking up! BTW, I love your school room pictures in the previous post and your kids are adorable! I'm now following you!
    Happy Homeschooling!
    Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"