Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Baby {IS} the Lesson!

I recently found this amazing article, The Baby IS the Lesson By Diane Hopkins. It hit really close to home with me. Teaching Jonah and Ellie is a privileged and a wonderful experience for me. Often times though, my frustration is with disruptions from either Gracia (2) and the Baby (9months). It's hard enough to get the kids to focus on a single task without Gracia trying to tackle on (or both) of them and the baby crying! Some times I just get them started and I'm needed somewhere else.

I forget so easily though, that real life IS the homeschooling lesson! It's NOT just about reading and Math and the Great Wall of China. Yes those are important, YES they are learning those. But my response in ALL situations is a lesson worth learning far more importantly than others.

I fret about the examples and lessons they might learn in different school settings....but honestly is my response what I want them to learn? Am I really being that light and witness I want for them? Not always.

If you have the time, read the article, because the baby really is the lesson.

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