Monday, February 21, 2011

Unschooling Experiment {Observation 1}

Okay so it wasn't planned as such, but I had a lot to do one Friday {affectionately names our Science-History-Art Day} and so I sat back and let the kids do what they wanted. The following is a list of learning and exploring on a day I did nothing to foster it, I only allowed it.

  • The kids all watched some Brain Pop videos on animal Camoflage and Vincent Van Gogh. (science and art history)
  • They wanted to paint, all of them experimented with color mixing, line and shapes. Ellie made a self portrait and a landscape and then some abstract art. Gracia did a self portrait that looked like abstract art. (art)
  • Jonah played with his Batman computer, Math games dealing with addition, subtraction, division and multiplication (which we haven't even covered yet) (math)
  • Jonah read a book on Greek Myths to the girls (history and reading)
  • Ellie read some pages from her Hooked On Phonics book, only a page away from reading book 2 on her own! (reading)
  • Ellie did some coloring and "map drawing", a little crafting as well. (fine motor skills/ geography)
  • All the kids played outside trying to build traps and forts like Bear Grylls. (PE/engineering/life skills)
  • Jonah and Ellie scoped out the Science experiment book and tried to make a soda can float like a submarine.(science)
  • They had some social interaction with kids from Church (socializing)
  • Worked on fine motor skills while coloring after a Bible lesson. (fine motor skills)
  • Jonah read his Bible reader after lights out (reading)
I'm a little embarrassed to admit on a day I didn't "do school" with them, they covered many more subjects than we do in a day and were self directed as they did it. This was literally the first time I just sat back and recorded exactly what they did all day, while I allowed them to do as they please. I even said no to a few things because of what I need to accomplish on that day, but if we had more time, we would have added to that list as well!

So learning and curiosity are there.....and they do have interests in learning even when I'm not forcing it on them......this is something interesting. Very interesting....


  1. I think unschooling is a great addition to structured schooling. It sounds like a booming success!

  2. I love the idea of unschooling! I always have. I always thought that if I have kids, that is what they will be doing *though Fudge thinks they will be going to Kamehameha.*

  3. As an "educator" I have always thought of unschooling as lazy homeschooling, but I was so misinformed! The more I research the more I "get" it. I don't think I am the point where I could throw the workbooks and the curriculum out the window (everyday of the week) But I am SO intrigued by the difference between a child learning and just "doing" it....I'll keep you all posted in my adventures! Thanks for reading!