Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stone Soup

There is an old Swedish Folk Tail titled Stone Soup where a hungry traveler tricks a whole village into giving him the ingredients to make a pot of soup. All because he called it stone soup, and threw a stone in a big pot of water. We read that story today, the kids enjoyed it.

When it was time to throw something together for dinner, I was planning on using the left over meatballs from yesterdays dinner and throwing them over pasta and calling it a meal. But I remembered Dave had asked when I was going to use my new Stone Rectangle Baker.....and soup sounded good today.

So we made stone soup today! Though I must warn you if you have a reader in the house, hide the box of Barley before they come in the kitchen! It gives it all away when you are telling them we are adding stones to the soup, and your son blurts out, "But the Box says 'BARLEY'!!!" Thanks Hooked on Phonics!

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  1. Wow! I had completely forgotten about that story!