Monday, February 28, 2011

Our School Room

We are so blessed this year to have an actual school room!  Last year the 3 little students had to share the corner of a dining room and one table. It worked well for us, but it was a little cramped....

(I promise Ellie loves making strange faces while I photograph, she really isn't frightened)

This year......we have a whole room to call our school room!
We were immensely blessed this year to have a dear friend give us these desks for free!!! I know it looks a little stiff, but they love their desks. They spend hours at them~mostly when we aren't doing school! And they get their own little spaces under the desks to house their mess and clutter special items.

 The tall white drawers house the kids activities and work. We loosely follow Sue Patrick's workbox system.
Gracia's activities (blocks, magnatiles, puzzles, play dough....) are in the colored baskets to the left.

We were also blessed with a computer for the kids (my parents made a school donation). I can bookmark all their websites, games, links and they can play or learn at will! They love having a little cove and their very own computer!

Just so you didn't think I was a total neat freak....this is what this area looks like today. Yup, it's a mess.

And so is the rest of the room. It's hard to keep such a dynamic area neat. The kids help out a little but....well this is reality.

We start out the day here:
Of course it's not that neat right now. But we read books, do Character training, do Calendar Time activities. It's a nice place to use during the day!

So this is where you'll find us much of the day. Of course we also use the counters and tables throughout the house when we want to spread out.

My next addition I would love would be a huge Bulletin Board! I would absolutely love a place to decorate with themes as well a put up the kids art work for all to see!


  1. Beautiful! You are certainly blessed with such a great space! When I was growing up as a homeschool kid, someone gifted us with 6 desks similar to yours. We LOVED them, each had our own. It really felt like "school" then!

  2. Great space! It IS hard to keep things clean when they are little--and BIG. :)
    We use the workbox system "loosely" too.
    We don't have a "room" but we do spread out, like you said--over the counters and tables throughout the house--
    which is good and not-so-good at (dinner)times.
    I enjoyed your post!

  3. Stopping by from NOBH and now following. I love reading home schooling blogs as we are home schoolers too. Always great to see others space. We have a smallish house so have to use the dining table:( If you get a chance stop by to see our blog at