Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week-long Holiday

Another fabulous reason I love can take a Holiday, turn it into a theme and make last the whole week long!

That's what we did last week for Valentine's Day!

We took Love and talked about it all week long.....

We memorized and discussed John 3:16
And did a craft using my favorite Stamp Pads from Lakeshore Learning(they are incredibly washable!)

We talked about 1 Corinthians 13 and what Love really looks like...
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We used candies as counters, making patterns, and sorting!

Even Gracie got in the action when she wasn't munching on the sorters!

I found a Math game on Kidssoup that had the kids counting, sorting and adding! Each child had a "grocery list" of candies to buy from the store!
They played with this for quite a while.

I love being able to expand a subject or Holiday and stretch it out. We had a fun week eating chocolate fondue, lots of strawberries, breakfasts and lunches cut into heart shapes. Making "learning" fun and memorable makes the day so much sweeter!

What kinds of thing do you do around Holidays to make them special for your Homeschooler?


  1. this is so true - you can turn one holiday into a week (or month long) learning! As long as their are hershey kisses to last! =)

    thanks for linking up this fun post to The HSV

  2. That looks like great fun! I never thought of turning Valentine's Day into a week-long "love" study!


  3. Thank you Stef and Jennifer! It grew out of me finding too many good ideas to cram into one day!!!! A good reason to stretch it out! Thanks for visiting the blog!