Saturday, February 19, 2011

What I know now vs. then

When we started Homeschooling (this is our 2nd formal year, 3rd year if you include some home pre-schooling) it was for many reasons.

1) I love teaching and missed it!
2) Jonah showed a real interest in knowledge and wanted to learn, he loved our school time together!
3) I thought I had to do something with him to keep him "caught up" with the other kids who were getting the "benefit" of a preschool enviornment
4) The schools around us were not safe for him nor were they great schools (in my opinion).
5) We had (and still have) Philosophical differences on the Worldview Public schools present.

Now I can add to that list.....

1) I know I am my child's best teacher.  I know my child better than any one, care about them more deeply than anyone. I know what helps interest them and motivate them, what frustrates them and bores them as well.

2) With me they get an IEP, an Individualized Educational Plan. We can work at their pace, we can spend more or less time on things they struggle with and master quickly. We have freedom and ease to explore what interests them, not just what's on the schedule! We can try new ways of learning a concept, change directions, try something different.

3) We have freedom. Freedom from time frames and schedules, freedom from philosophies and negative peer pressure. Freedom to decide what and when and where. To take time off, change our minds, take a break learn a little longer. Stop for a snack ,take a walk, play.......breathe.

What I knew then had very little to do about the education and more about me. My fears of him being behind, getting hurt at school, etc.

Now we homeschool because it's best for them. It does mean my time is cut short, my house is a mess, my stress level is higher some days. But I wouldn't trade it for what I know now....

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  1. I have always thought time with family should win out over a clean house! Homeschooling also saves time by avoiding commuting, role call and all other administrative duties. Plus I love community sports and church activities for socialization. And home school groups can organize field trips and dances as the kids get older.

    I don't have the confidence to homeschool but if I had reservations about the local schools I would find the confidence. I really respect home school parents!