Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{FREE} Planner Printables!

Pre-printed planners are nice, the are. But so is a Laminator and a Binding machine with THESE FREEBIES!

With this site you can totally customize your planner! Punch some holes in them and throw them in a binder for flexibility, or Make your own cover, laminate it and use your Binding machine to make your very own Homeschool Planner! (Just a little side note, owning a Laminator and a Binding machine are GREAT but not necessary homeschool tools~but I sure do love both of them!)

It's February, I know planning typically takes place in the summer or winter, but I am constantly asking how I can do things better, more efficiently. And sometimes that means making a change! Or at least drooling over all the lovely planning sheets!

What do you use to plan your Homeschool days?

1 comment:

  1. I don't think planning only has to take place in the summer or winter. If you find a great product,service,or deal it is nice to be able to incorporate it at any time or make note of it for the future.